Family-Owned and Operated for 45 Years

About Us

Strand Termite & Pest Control Company was founded in 1968 by Hoover Dowless. His son's, Buster Dowless and Mitchell Dowless who run the company now, from Brunswick County, North Carolina, believed in quality, personal service, and professionalism. They believed that they could provide value to their customers by following these principles in their pest control work.
Owners — Craft Beer in Tupelo, MS
Strand Termite & Pest Control Team — Craft Beer in Tupelo, MS
Strand Termite & Pest Control Staff — Craft Beer in Tupelo, MS
Strand Team — Craft Beer in Tupelo, MS
The brothers set out to establish a thriving, locally owned service company that could exceed customer expectations. They also hoped that their business could become a leader in the local marketplace.

Skip ahead four decades. With the help of their highly trained staff of 45 employees and their valued customers, the Dowless brothers have established an impressive reputation in North and South Carolina. Strand Termite & Pest Control is also very active in local civic organizations and truly believes in giving back to the communities.
Strand is truly a Family owned and operated company, continuing on with the third generation of the Dowless name with Mary Elizabeth and John William Dowless, children of Buster.

We thank you for your business and continued support.
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